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“ I think a lot, but I don’t say much. ”

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Prosthetic limbs that match your body … and your style:  Industrial designer Scott Summit uses 3D printing technology to create individualized artificial limbs that users can choose and personalize to fit their unique style.

In a talk at TEDxCambridge, Summit explains how this process not only gives users autonomy over the aesthetics of their prosthetics, but also makes for artificial limbs that factor in the quirks, curves, and uniqueness of a user’s body, eliminating the need for prosthetic-wearers to hack their artificial limbs — with socks, bubble wrap, even duct tape — to feel comfortable. Watch the whole talk here»

Above, photos of some of the creations made by Summit’s design firm, Bespoke Innovations.

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Hold me i might faint from amazement

ommmmmmmmmmmmg Annie Wu is my art goddess.

whoa whoa whoa hold up guys. a strong, independant, witty, not over sexualized, WoC superhero???? 

can we say HELL FUCKIN YEH!!!!

This post is making the rounds again for some reason (not complaining). I see new comments akin to “Whoa, is this real?” and “I need this when it comes out!”

Excellent news: It’s a real thing and you can read it! Now! With your eyes! And it’s great! (Can I say that?) All three parts are available digitally, and you might also be able to find it collected in print under BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #18 (from July 2013). As far as I know, the character will be showing up at some point in the current Batman Beyond 2.0 run, so keep an eye on that and ask DC for more if you like Nissa.

AND WHY WOULDN’T YOU? Look at her with her smirky Bat-smirk and Jennifer Connelly eyebrows. Really now.

Here’s another way to read the arc as of today: These issues are collected in the newest Batman Beyond trade paperback. Also, hey, I love you.


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Young dancing girl from Ibo Land - Eastern Nigeria, 1964



Young dancing girl from Ibo Land - Eastern Nigeria, 1964


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Stella De Libero




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It’s Friday

It’s Friday

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